Group ratings at a glance

The table below shows the long-term and short-term ratings assigned to Banco BPM.


Moody’s Investors Service
Long-term Deposit rating (Outlook) Ba1 (Stable)
Long-term Senior Debt and Long-term Issuer Rating (Outlook) Ba2 (Negative)
Short-term Deposit rating Not-Prime

Latest update: 05/10/2017


Long-term Deposits / Trend BBB / Stable
Short-term Deposits / Trend R-2 (high) / Stable
Long-term Senior debt and Long-term Issuer Rating / Trend BBB (low) / Stable
Short-term Debt and Short-term Issuer Rating / Trend R-2 (middle) / Stable

Latest update: 14/12/2018

Note: The same long-term and short-term ratings assigned by DBRS to Banco BPM have also been assigned to the subsidiary Banca Akros.